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An enhanced tic tac toe game that uses light bulbs and toggles.

Game Rule:

The winning condition follows the traditional Tic Tac Toe - having three of your checker lining up on a row or diagonally. The Tic Tac Toe Thing (TTTT) is introducing a new mechanism by allowing your opponent to take away your checker as their counter move which will be further explained.

Two players should hold the TTTT horizontally (on the left and right of the images shown above). Players put down their move by pushing the toggle switch underneath each bulb. There are two kinds of valid moves: 

  1. push the desired toggle to place a new checker (lit a bulb) on any extinguished bulb that is not previously extinguished by your opponent

  2. push the toggle to extinguish the opponent's placement that is not the opponent's previous move

The game ends when someone wins, so it will continue even when all the bulb is lit.

To restart the game - like the traditional tic tac toe - TTTT requires the players to manually "erase" all their inputs by restoring the toggles to their original state.

The project is using Arduino Mega, 10mm RGB LEDs, 3-ways toggle switches, and 220k resistors. The enclosure's curved edge is made from hardboard and straight lattice wood bending technique. The enclosure's top and bottom use clear and semi-clear acrylics boards.

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