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This game is not real, but it is real. ;)

I present a collection of self-referential pseudo-memes disguised as a survival game.

The idea of modern self-portraits was more directly pointed to selfies. However, this series is a pointer to a new possibility. Modern self-portraits could be a screen-shot of Steam / LinkedIn / Spotify / SoundCloud / etc., a presentation of an intellectual world. In this piece you’ll see this Chelsea-esque cyber-being engage in a series of routine/not-so-routine chores, spanning from eating, pooping…etc., to going schizophrenic sporadically.

👆Suppose to be a satire... Hope that conveys well and makes you laugh.

In a way, this piece is essentially a collection of diary entries that I have kept during this special time of our lives. It is highly private, intimate; it is also unapologetically open, and blunt. So much so that it gets packed up and turned into a computer game, one click and $19.99 away for anyone who’d be willing to give it a try.

Well, the last part is actually a prank I’m trying to pull off. The one with the Steam shop is in fact bogus, courtesy of the very real, omnipotent Adobe Creative Cloud.

8-bit, Digital


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