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Processing Game
1, 2019

This is a processing project that traps a blue ball in a spinning 3D box. The idea originated from "L'enfer c'est les autres" said by Jean-Paul Satre. The blue ball had to challenge the space by engulfing its other-selves - red balls. The player will be controlling the ball using keyboards.

It is my intention to design the chaotic game with an uncanny control mechanism, in mockery of our real world. It is recommended for everyone to try to control the ball and feel the panic and anxiety. A player with virtuosity may eventually master the control of the ball, just as a person may eventually understand their life. Unlike the real world, there isn't any punishment nor an exit in this game. The ending is completely up to the player, or lack of ending thereof.

Ultimately, the player will have a choice to consume all the other balls and keep bouncing within the boundary. I personally prefer to remain in the center of the box and wait until the other balls to bounce onto me.

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