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0' 55'' , Video

10, 2020

It took a pair of infrared imagers, an infrared projector, and a color sensor to capture me doing my signature dance moves. By the time I finished, my performance had been serialized, amassed, and turned into several big chunks of binary data. With the help of my self-adapted C++ code, unnecessary background was cut out, RGB images and depth data were aligned and repackaged into the form of point cloud… And voila, there you can see me, in 3D, on your computer screen, doing what I do.

And…yes, I was… simply put, half-heartedly trying to induce vomitting with my fingers—a gesture expressing my feelings toward this dreadful year of 2020, in front of an Intel RealSense D435 camera.

With this piece I have made my first step toward a radically digitalized existence (hence the name, ‘IN’), which I genuinely believe is equally authentic, if not more, as our physical, ‘real’ world. And I am excited about the infinite possibilities it heralds…As optimistic and hopeful as I sounded, what I am conveying here in this video, is starkly contradictory.

But that’s how I want it to be. And for my debut in this new world, I’d rather commence with some authenticity.

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