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Reading Response -- nov 10th

I am making some experiments with form. I realize the paper form is fascinating and malleable. I made lots of small nuanced adjustments to the file design.

I purchased more materials too:

  • Colored paper and photo paper

  • Acrylic

  • Woods

  • Plastic Dome


laser cutting experiments

​I was looking at some rugs. The idea of an animal skin rug came to me. I was imaging a standing rug form and created a few prototypes on the idea with cardboard and laser cutter.

After talking to Ben in class, I see that there is a gap between the form experiments I did and the materials I went for. I think the next step for me is to try it with some more easily manipulated materials, such as paper or even fabrics.


some past attempts

During the summer, I did some physical sketches on soft toys. The way I made them was very low planning and all scratch. I didn't do any drawing or ideating on them. Instead, I dived right into the creation and let the physical process guide me. Because the ideation process has been very scary and counterproductive, I decided to bring them into the art toy's lens to be examed to remind myself of how this process is supposed to be.


​ideation and first attempt

Thinking of ideas is stressful and scary. I think this thought has been the theme of my life recently. When I stepped into the classroom, along with the excitement, I felt anxiety creeping up behind my back.

We are tasked to start with the peg doll as an assignment and initial practice. From this practice, I learned that hinges are a hard element to manage. If I were to go into this direction, I need to find a better way to present such joint.

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